“Redwoods And Beaches,” This Teacher’s Bucket List Made Possible Thanks To Her Students!

Kay Wistrand had made an impact on the students she’d taught over the years, and when doctors discovered a tumor in her spine, her students were devastated. The language arts teacher taught junior high, but her students wanted to do something special for her: help her complete her bucket list.


She broke the news to her classes, and they were shocked to learn that might only have two or three years left to live. Her students began to remember all of the things she had said off-handedly, such as going to California to see the redwoods, or visiting the Pacific Ocean. She’d had a list of things she’d always wanted to do, and now, her students were going to make it a reality.


The students started a fundraiser and hoped to raise $7,500 for her to take a trip to California. Since they started it, they have raised over $10,000!

We just want to return the favor for all of the hard work she has put in to teach the youth of our community.” Said one of the students who started the campaign.

When the teacher found out, she decided to announce her retirement. She plans to make the most of her trip and document her journey for everyone in the time that she has left.

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