Redditor Turned A Hideous Shed Into A Stunning Outdoor Oasis!

A backyard shed is a convenient place to store all sorts of tools and outdoor equipment. It keeps them dry without having to store any of it inside of our actual house. But with any outdoor structure, they end up subjected to some fairly harsh weather. This shed, which has a very early 90’s vibe going on with that forest green paint and pinkish stucco siding, was on its last legs.

Instead of tearing it down and starting from scratch, this guy thought it would be fun to renovate the entire backyard. The structure was still sound even if the siding was not. It’s “just hideous,” he wrote.He started by taking the siding off reveal a wire mesh underneath. They worked section by section, taking care to go slowly – there was no need to make any careless mistakes! Using housing siding, they were determined to make sure that this project was a success.Deciding on a fun exterior would make this project unique. The “log cabin” vibe really fit the decor well, and it would keep moisture and mold from seeping into the structure like it had before.Once the siding and deck was finished, they added a gorgeous koi pond and a small fountain. An outdoor grill and lounge furniture was added to turn this area into a functional part of the home. The new grass, the fish, the grill, and the amazing new shed absolutely transformed this backyard into a place that people will actually want to hang out in!

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