Red Wine Hot Chocolate Is All The Rage, And These Recipes Have Gone VIRAL!

No matter how you enjoy your hot chocolate (there are a ton of recipes out there!), there is always a way to improve it, and the internet has come together and found one of its favorites. Red wine hot chocolate has been trending on Instagram and Pinterest, as well as Twitter and Facebook! It’s everywhere!

The secret? Dark chocolate! This isn’t a hot chocolate experience for the faint of heart – it takes 3 cups of dark chocolate chunks, 1 and a half cups of milk, and 1 cup of red wine! The ratios will give you a thick, steam cup of hot red wine chocolate that will be really popular at parties. 12-5z3

You’ll combine the chocolate chunks and the milk in a saucepan on medium heat. After everything is melted down, you’ll add in your favorite red wine, stirring gently until everything is steamy and hot.

Some people prefer this drink without any whipped cream, and some swear by it! Others add in marshmallows, and some people add in fresh shavings of dark chocolate! What would you add into yours?

You can find more details on this recipe here, and here are a ton of different spins on a traditional hot chocolate that will last all winter long!


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