Re-Organize Your Fridge With 3 Easy Ideas!

Your refrigerator might look a lot like this at the moment – especially if you have a large family – and taking the time to sift through everything inside is a daunting tasks. It takes so long, and most of us just put it off until we have to make room for a turkey or a huge chunk of leftover birthday cake. But we have discovered three super easy life hacks that will instantly transform your fridge, which means you won’t have to re-organize it quite so often! 12-1z9The first step is to put down plastic placemats on top of the glass shelves. Not only will it help when you need to wipe up a spill, it helps your mind to focus on each shelf and what is inside. Having this subtle separation was surprisingly helpful.12-1z11The second tip is to set a supply drawer on the biggest shelf. Loose items and smaller containers like yogurt cups or cheeses can easily get overlooked in a crowded fridge. Dedicate one large shelf (you might even have one ready to go in your office!) to these smaller items and your fridge will instantly be less cluttered!12-1z12 Perhaps the most daunting (but most useful) method of keeping things from dying in your fridge is to keep a list on the outside. Dry-erase markers are so handy, and many can be purchased with a magnet attached to keep them on the door of your fridge. It might not be beautiful, but you also won’t forget about those two strawberries before they die. So.12-1z10What do you think of these tips? Try them out! They might just change your life. (Or at least make your fridge look amazing.)


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