Random Act Of Kindness Completely Changes Her Day And Breaks Her Heart With Just One Message

Katie Kavetsky had been having a terrible morning, but she was determined not to let the day get the better of her. She thought that a nice cup of coffee might make her feel a bit better and went to the drive-thru of her local Starbucks…but what she didn’t know was that someone else was having a bad day too.

When she pulled up to the window to pay for her order, this card was waiting for her:

Enjoy your drink/treat on us. A random act of kindness to remember a sweet girl, Hannah, who would be 3 today! <3 Hannah’s Loved Ones”Kavetsky didn’t know Hannah, but the timing of this random act couldn’t have been more incredible.

I lost my dad on Friday. And of all the days since I lost him, today was one of the hardest mornings without him. This morning I struggled to start my day, and thought a Starbucks would do me well, and then I was surprised with your kindness. I dont know who you are, or what you believe, but I truly believe that this morning, my dad, and your little girl, found each other in heaven and they wanted us to connect. My dad left my mom, my 2 sisters and my 2 nephews who he loved more than anything behind. And I know, if he met a little girl up there, he would treat her like his own grandchild and love her until one day when you meet again. I feel as though this was a message from him letting me know there is still good in this world and itll be ok.

Thank you for your act of kindness, for the free coffee, but even more, thank you for making me feel my dad was here today, for touching my heart in a way you never knew you could.” She wrote.

She hoped to find Hannah’s loved ones, and as people read her story, they shared it…

Until finally, Hannah’s mother was told about what had happened! They were able to get in contact, and share the moment together.

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