Ralph The Dog Waits At This Spot Everyday For His Best Friend To Walk By!

This is Ralph (he’s a very good boy!) and this is where he likes to hang out at the same time every day. While he does have the unfortunate obstacle of a large gate and no way to look out at the street, he has still managed to make friends! His best friend, a 17-year-old girl named Elisa, walks home from high school on the same route and watches for Ralph! He peeks out from underneath the gate and extends his paws, waiting for some pets and snuggles for his BFF.

He waits patiently…

The first time I noticed him was when I was getting a ride home from my friend Jason,” Elisa said. “He peeked underneath the fence, and me being a dog lover wanted to pet him.”

Every day, she reaches down to say hello and pet his face! Sometimes, she doesn’t want to leave because he just looks so sad!

When I tell him I’ve got to go or bye, he looks at me and paws of nibbles on my hand,’ Elisa said. “Sometimes he gently holds on to my finger with his mouth. Maybe that’s a sign he wants me to stay. I don’t know.”

She shared the pictures online and thousands of people became fans of Ralph, the good dog who made a new friend! Elisa is happy that other people appreciate Ralph like she does.

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