Amazing Rainbow Treats

What’s more fun than a dessert covered in bright colors? These so many sweet treats but we’ve found some of the most awesome and tasty rainbow desserts!

With St. Patricks day coming up its time to check out some amazing rainbow creations. Make one of these recipes for a party or as a yummy and festive St. Patricks day dessert!

1. Rainbow Pretzel Wands

rainbow-pretzel-wandsSimple chocolate covered pretzels and cover with your choice of rainbow sprinkles!


2. Rainbow Palmiers
Rainbow-Palmiers-8-of-14wGet the rainbow color using different color sprinkles on the inside of the dough!


3. Rainbow Cubes
cake_rainbow_mainThese cake cubes may be cooler than cake pops!


4. Lucky Rainbow Jello
Rainbow jelloThese are beautiful! No doubt kids will go crazy for these rainbow jello cups!


5. Rainbow Cupcakes
8530573228_b3c8e7128c_oMake your cupcakes look like they came straight from a bakery! The topper is a cookie with edible markers!


6. Rainbow Rice Krispies Treats
rainbow-rice-krispie-treats-raspberri-cupcakesTurn you rice krispie treats into colorful rainbow blocks!


7. Rainbow Cake
IMG_9973Bake a layered cake making each layer will be a different color!


8. Rainbow Icing Cupcakes
how-to-make-rainbow-cupcakesThe technique used to make these rainbow cupcakes is awesome. Stunning look!


9. Cake Batter & Sprinkles Cookies
8071581832_31b39baecd_oDelicious recipe for cake batter cookies!


10. Rainbow Cake Pops
rainbow pops 020

These have to be the coolest cake pops ever!


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