Quick Brownie-In-A-Mug Recipe Makes Dessert For One Super EASY!

Do you have 30 seconds and a craving for brownies, but not the patience to actually make a pan of brownies? Same here.

This super quick recipe is going viral due to its simpleness – all you need is a mug and a very small amount of ingredients to make a fresh, hot, delicious brownie in literal seconds.

If you’ve got a mug, you’re already halfway there! The recipe is easy to memorize, too! Remember to add the dry ingredients before moving on to the wet ingredients, otherwise you’ll have a sticky teaspoon measuring spoon and just trust me, don’t try to add the oil first.

All that’s missing is a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top! This recipe is a favorite simply because too many people end up trying to make brownies and end up leaving them in the oven for too long…when you want a brownie, you don’t want to wait! That makes this recipe absolutely perfect!

You can find the full instructions here. Will you be trying it?

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