Push-Pins, A Canvas, And A Little Patience Turned Into The PERFECT Art For Her Living Room!

This project is easy, cheap, and will make any space look incredible with just a little bit of effort! First, she grabbed a white canvas, a few packs of push-pins, a printed design, and scissors…and then, she created something beautiful!

The most difficult part of the process is choosing a design and printing it out. You can print something off of the internet or even draw something of your own creation! The best part of this project is that you can customize it to fit seamlessly into your home. She chose this design and cut each letter out to trace it onto the white canvas. You might paint your canvas a different color or even paint the push-pins. It’s all up to you!
8.30a12After cutting out the letters, she placed them onto her canvas to trace lightly with a pencil. The push-pins will cover the designs, so she didn’t have to worry about erasing them afterwards.8.30a13The most important part of this project is to layer the pins over each other in a single-file line. The force of the other pins on top will keep each one in place. If your canvas is thin, the pins may wobble a bit, so adding a dab of craft glue to the underside may help with stability. The finished project is adorable and quirky. 8.30a14With no end to the combinations of color, design, and even size, this project will not only be a conversation piece, it will show off your artistic talent as well! It may take an hour or two to complete, but the effect in your home will be well worth it! See more details on this project here!


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