Puppy Couple Got Engaged And Chose This Iconic Place To Hold A Photo Shoot!

When “puppy love” is actually referring to puppies, you already know that heart is going to melt into a big ‘ole puddle! Sebastian and Luna are celebrating their very real puppy love with a photo shoot underneath the Cherry Blossoms…and they are just too perfect! In order to celebrate their impending nuptials, this puppy couple were given a magical photo session complete with matching outfits and a special trip to the groomers.

They chose a popular location and joined the thousands of couples who had taken engagement pictures in the exact same spot, at City Center, DC! They posed with lantern decorations…but they were definitely the stars of the show!
This puppy couple decided to get “engaged” in June of 2016…and people love following their adorable story. Over 62,000 people, to be more specific! The two pups love to explore and have their pictures taken, patiently posing while their human gets the perfect shot.

Most people want to know how two little dogs can look so good all the time!

The matching outfits definitely help, that’s for sure!

Would you order an engagement session for your pooches in love?

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