Puppy Abandoned For Being Blind And Having Bad Hind Legs. After Adoption, Receives Brand New Life!

Say hello to Luke, the puppy that almost didn’t make it. They found him wandering the streets as a stray, but had a lot of problems that his previous owners neglected to take care of.

Along with problems using his hind legs, Luke was slowly going blind in both eyes. By the time time he was rescued, he couldn’t see much of anything. This little pooch had a tough time trusting humans and hadn’t been trained at all. The veterinarian guessed that Luke was around two or three years old, but must have started to develop problems with his eyes shortly after being born.

After his previous owners (probably) realized just how much work a disabled dog would, be he was left to fend for himself on the streets, losing sight within a year after that. Based on Luke’s condition by the time they found him, it was the vet’s best guess at what he had lived through.

But then, a kind woman found him at a shelter and just couldn’t leave without him! She raised nearly $10,000 to afford his surgeries and medications. He has better mobility thanks to his treatments and was even able to regain sight in one eye! She spent everything that she had and gave up countless nights of sleep to make Luke feel loved and wanted, and in the end, it was all worth it.

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