Proud Mother Praises Students Who Honored Her Son As Their Homecoming King

Marcie Cunningham is sharing her joy with Imbler, Oregon, as her son, KC, was crowned homecoming king at the half-time of the school’s homecoming game.

KC was born with Angelman Syndrome, where a genetic mutation or deletion of the 15th chromosome can have devastating effects on quality of life. KC is unable to speak, and can only walk with assistance, but that hasn’t stopped the people and students around him from caring very much!

A senior at Imbler High School, KC was thrilled with his nomination to be on the homecoming court. No one expected it to go any further than the nomination, but once he was on the field, and his name was announced as the homecoming king, KC and his family were thrilled!

KC took the arm of his friend and homecoming queen, Hannah, and the two shared a special moment.

Of course we were emotional and beyond words, but the most amazing part was how awesome all these kids were! They could have just nominated him to feel that excitement, but they took it a step further and made him their king!!” His mother happily posted on social media.

She praises the “small town” charm for the student’s consideration. They knew how much KC would appreciate the gesture, and the students truly cared about KC. They were excited to do this for him because they knew how much he would love it.

Has this ever happened at your local high schools?


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