Proud Dad Poses With Prized Pineapple And The Internet LOVES Him!

For the last year, this dad has been trying his hand at growing pineapples, but hadn’t been having much luck. Still, he gave it his all and eventually grew the perfect pineapple. He was excited. He was proud. And he wanted a picture.

He sat down for a professional studio picture and brought his prized fruit along to pose next to. His 19-year-old son got hold of the picture and posted it online, much to the amusement and approval of thousands of internet strangers.

Over 87,000 people liked the picture, leaving hilarious comments wishing that Pineapple Dad was their dad, and wondering why he would go through the trouble of posing for a picture but not bothering to wear shoes. His son printed out a screen shot of the picture along with it’s thousands of votes of approval…and framed it!

His dad thought that the entire thing was hilarious, although the man was a bit confused as to why thousands of people were excited to see him posing with a pineapple.

The general consensus was that this was the kind of wholesome person many people wanted to be. The dedication, the pride, and the motivation that are behind this simple picture are admirable!

Some people have even admitted to printing out this stranger’s picture and hanging it in their own home as a form of motivation! “Even if it is as simple as growing a pineapple, stick to your goals, no matter what.”

We love it.

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