Professor Steals The Show After Student Emails That She’s Missing Class Due To A Mixup

Ashton Robinson knew that going to class was important, but she found herself in an impossible situation and sent an email to her professor to apologize.

She respected the professors at her university and knew that working together with them would eventually lead to her graduating and taking steps towards a better life for her and her son. That’s why she found herself emailing her professor before class to let him know that she wouldn’t be attending. Due to an unexpected situation, she no longer had a babysitter for her toddler and wouldn’t be able to make it.

Her professor called her back and asked her to bring the boy to class!
The professor took care of her son while he lectured, entertaining the boy all while staying on topic and getting through the lesson effortlessly. He understood the struggle of his student, the single mother who didn’t have anyone else to turn to when she found herself in an impossible situation.

While the reaction to the story was mostly positive, there were plenty of “negative Nancy’s” who thought that the student was being selfish by not staying home. “If the baby starts crying do you think its fair for the poeple [sic] who are paying for classes to learn?” One person wrote.

…But even more were quick to point out that her baby hadn’t cried, and if he did, she probably would have taken him outside to calm down.

The adorable story was shared thousands of times as people loved the positive and heartwarming story!

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