Professor Sends Angry Email To Entire Class After No Students Show Up. Then He Realizes His Mistake…

Getting used to the new schedules of a new school year is rough on students – especially new students – but apparently it can be rough on the professors as well! Take this professor, for example. After preparing lesson plans and a first-day lecture, he showed up to class only to realized that not a single student bothered to attend.

He was furious. He’d prepared, gotten dressed, and showed up to his classroom only to wait…and wait…and wait! When no one arrived, he went back to his office and wrote out an email to everyone who had been enrolled in the class.

If this is how you will act the entire semester, feel free to drop my course.”

But then the emails came trickling in, one after another…

Isn’t this an online course?”


He hadn’t realized that no one showed up to class because they weren’t supposed to! He send an email 15 minutes later to apologize and assure the students that he wasn’t actually a jerk!

The students got a kick out of it, and once it was shared on Twitter, so did half a million people! Another professor chimed in to say that this is a regular occurrence. He once had a student show up to class for the first during the 12th week of class because he had thought it was an online course for the entire semester!

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