Professor Holds Baby For Student When Babysitter Bailed Just Before Class

Aubrey Marie knew she had class that day, but she hadn’t been able to find a babysitter in time. Faced with missing class to care for her daughter, she decided to go to school anyway and hope that her little daughter wouldn’t cause too much trouble.

Inevitably, her baby began to cry – it was time for food! – so she put her notebook away and prepared to listen closely and feed the baby, hoping she could get them later.

To her surprise, her professor immediately pumped some Germ-X into his hands and just said, “give her to me.”
10-26a9He fed the baby and held her for the rest of the lecture, not missing a beat. He taught the entire class while cuddling an adorable baby so that Aubrey Marie could focus on her notes.

He told me if I need to bring her, I can bring her everyday if I have to, and he will hold her. Knowing I have the support from my Professor makes me want to thrive so much harder.” She wrote in a Facebook post.

As her story circulated, more people shared their own run-ins with bringing children to class. Surprisingly, several people reported being asked to leave class for bringing a child when they couldn’t get a babysitter, making this story truly touching. It depends on the professor, apparently. Has this ever happened to you?


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