Professor Gives Adorable Pop Quiz Instead Of Taking Attendance The Normal Way

This professor in Vermont didn’t like the regular methods that other professors used to take attendance. While they might pass around a sheet of paper to collect signatures or even call out names individually, this one decided to take attendance by issuing this pop quiz instead. At first, the students probably let out a collective sigh and pulled out their notebooks to copy the question…

Until they read it and realized what the question was!Their professor had decided that on this particular day, they would bring their dog to class! After introducing the class to Maggie, the quiz was issued to gauge the students’ opinions of the adorable pooch. They had five minutes to complete the quiz and hand it in. Needless to say, the quiz had nothing to do with Consumer Law and Policies.The class has a start time of 7 p.m., and students often feel drained, making it difficult to focus on the subjects covered in class. Bringing Maggie allowed students to study in a brighter atmosphere and really lifted their spirits.

Maggie regularly attends the class and likes to roam around during the lecture. She snuggles up to students, sniffs their bags, receives nice scratches behind her ears, and rarely ever barks.

Having a lovable pup to cuddle while studying really helps the class to stay alert, and the students love it!

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