Private School Is BANNING Parents From “Bailing Out” Their Children With This New Policy.

The Catholic High School For Boys in North Little Rock, Arkansas has a curious sign posted outside of its office doors, and after they posted this picture on Facebook, got a LOT of attention:

If you are dropping off your son’s forgotten lunch, books, homework, equipment etc., please TURN AROUND and exit the building. Your son will learn to problem-solve in your absence.”8.19a17

Parents pay upwards of $4,400 a year for tuition, and even more for equipment, supplies, and miscellaneous expenses. Many members of the public think that a tuition like that would entitle the students to…you know, not starve at lunch time. Many are upset that they would force their students to go through an entire day without eating if they forgot their lunch or means to pay for food, but the school insists that the students should be “problem solving” their way out of it.

So…stealing food from the lunch line when no one is looking? Borrowing money from a friend, making parents supply extra money in case another student forgets their lunch? Leaving campus to forage in the forest for berries to eat?

Several teachers at the school agree that the policy is absurd. Even adults forget things from time to time, but children are less equipped to handle a forgotten lunch or text book. An adult could drive home and pick up whatever it was that they forgot, or charge lunch on their credit card. What is a kid expected to do?

And many people think that the school is over-stepping its bounds. “You teach my son to problem-solve math equations, leave the life lessons to me.” One mother says.

Even more people praise the school, saying that this sort of problem-solving will help the high school boys learn valuable life skills if they can’t rely on mom and dad.

What do YOU think?


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