“Privacy Bed” Is Helping People Sleep Better – Especially In Dorm Rooms

It’s called The Bed Tent, and it looks exactly like it sounds. The tent, made by the company Privacy Pop, attaches to most beds and is a dream come true for people who find themselves sharing a room, dealing with anxiety, or just needing a little privacy when they try to go to sleep.

One of the best features about the tent is that it blocks out light. After zipping the whole thing closed, ambient light is shut out, making a little cocoon for peaceful sleep. It can also be closed on one side or the other, thanks to openings on both sides of the tent. Being able to close only one side (the side facing the room, in most cases) allows students sharing dorm rooms and children sharing rooms at home to calm down without worrying about who else might be in the room. Having a little “cave” to retreat to at the end of the day is helping people to sleep better.But, with most things, the idea doesn’t come without criticism. Some people have left comments saying that they think children who share a room should learn to get along without the tent. Others say it would probably trigger their claustrophobia.

Falling to sleep shouldn’t be an ordeal, and if getting cozy in a little tent helps someone block out the distractions of the day and focus on getting some rest, we think this is a neat idea.

Would you sleep in this little sleep-cocoon?

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