Prisoners BUST Out Of The Holding Cell To SAVE This Officer’s Life After Heart Attack!

These inmates were waiting for their trials that day while being held in a small holding cell together. The officer who was watching them suddenly slumped over. They had been talking just moments before, and the inmates knew that something was terribly wrong. There were no other officers around, and didn’t hesitate to work together and do what they could to help.

They burst through the door, and even though they were still in handcuffs, banged on tables and doors, shouting for help and lying the officer onto the floor, trying to perform CPR when the officer had no pulse and showed no signs of life. They were afraid that the other officers would think they were starting a fight or attacking the officer on the ground, but couldn’t just stand by and watch him die.7.11a7They were so loud, the courtroom above stopped what they were doing to send officers down to investigate. The officers put the men back into the cell but didn’t realize how serious the situation was at first. Once they realized that the officer needed help, they called for paramedics and began CPR once again.

I watched him die twice. It never crossed my mind not to help…whether he’s got a gun or a badge. If he falls down, I’m gonna help him.” One inmate said.7.11a8

The holding cell has since been reinforced, but thanks to their quick actions, the officer’s life was saved. It could have been a very bad situation, but thankfully, no one died that day.

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