Preschool Teacher Gives The BEST News To Her 4-Year-Old Student That Needed A Kidney Transplant

Lyla Carreyn’s family was devastated when they realized that their precious 4-year-old daughter would need a kidney transplant to save her life. After their daughter was hospitalized in October of 2015, they were told to prepare for the worst. The little girl was diagnosed with Microscopic Polyangiitis which often leads to organ damage.

Lyla was in an induced coma for three weeks, and when doctors tried to perform a biopsy on her kidney’s, her lungs began to hemorrhage. Her family was told to prepare for the worst, but they never gave up hope. They began searching for a match so that Lyla could continue to live.

When Lyla’s preschool teacher discovered that she was a match, she let the girl’s family know with a short and sweet note. Beth Battista agreed to become a living kidney donor and changed the life of this family forever.9-28a2

Lyla’s mother, Dena, was informed that there would be a new teacher at the school. Whenever there will be new staff, Dena meets with them in order to bring them up to speed on her daughter’s medical requirements and accomodations. The meeting included Lyla’s current teachers who gave her a gift while they were waiting on the new teacher.

When Dena opened the card, she received the best news in the world! Beth Battista was a match, and she was donating a kidney to save little Lyla’s life. The story has raised awareness to the need for live kidney donors, and the family hopes that their story will inspire others to do the same for little children in need.


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