Pregnant Woman Begins To Itch Uncontrollably…She Almost Waited Too Long To Tell Her Doctor!

Christina DePino was pregnant, and along with all of the other aches, pains, and symptoms, she thought that being itchy was just one of them. It came on suddenly and was just too much to handle. The itching was constant and severe – it even kept her awake at night! She started to ask her friends and family for advice on how to get the itching under control, and they urged her to tell her doctor. It’s a good thing that she did, and now she wants EVERY pregnant woman to watch out for this dangerous symptom.

If you’re pregnant and itching REALLY badly, don’t ignore it!!”

She went to her doctor and they were able to diagnose her with pregnancy Cholestasis – a condition that could have been life-threatening to her unborn child.

It could have caused a still born after 37 weeks!! I was officially diagnosed last week and had to get her out this week! We are so blessed! Thanks guys for giving some amazing advice which may have just saved our precious girl’s life! Now I will be the crazy lady running around telling all the preggie ladies to beware!”

Even women who had successfully delivered babies in the past hadn’t known that their itching could have been a sign of something much worse. She hopes that the word will spread, and that more women won’t ignore their symptoms like she almost did!

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