Pregnant Stray Ends Up Saving Orphan Kittens – And Herself!

Alice, a busy college student, noticed that a large stray cat had made herself comfortable on her front porch and wasn’t moving. Alice joked that she was adopted by the stray cat and not the other way around, and knew that she couldn’t turn the cat away when she realized that it was pregnant. She named the cat Athena and began to care for her.

When Athena went into labor, Alice immediately realized that something had gone horribly wrong. Athena was panting, drooling, and wasn’t making any progress at all. Alice rushed Athena to the closest veterinarian who delivered the kittens via an emergency c-section.

Athena had been pregnant with three kittens, but sadly, one did not survive. The vet confirmed that if Alice hadn’t brought them in, all four animals would have died that night.
While Athena was recovering, two stray orphan kittens were brought into the vet’s clinic. They decided to see if Athena would accept the kittens as her own…

She did!

The clinic decided to let the new family of cats stay at their clinic free of charge until the kittens were old enough to be adopted to new families in search of a new pet.

Athena was saved by her bravery and Alice’s generosity, and thanks to their efforts, four kittens have a second chance at life!

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