Pregnancy Ad Went VIRAL Because Of One Hilarious Marketing Decision!

Hilarious advertising fails usually make people laugh or cringe uncomfortably, but this one takes the cake. As the couple looks at their pregnancy test, they are “shocked” to discover that she is actually pregnant! But one look at her 3rd trimester baby bump makes the test seem rather pointless.

People couldn’t get enough! The ad went viral and the sarcastic comments were endless, as you can imagine.After digging a little deeper, the history of this ad is amusing. The ad was created back in 2011, and while it was funny, it wasn’t as viral. People were amused at the image, but weren’t really making a huge fuss over it. The creator of the ad explained it in an interview and was happy to hear that his ad had gone viral again six years later.

Since Predictor is 99.9 percent accurate, you’d rather depend on the test than your belly,” he said.

People still thought it was a silly concept, but accepted it more or less. While it probably wouldn’t happen this way in the real world, it’s nice to think that somewhere, life is so peachy that we can still be shocked by something obvious at 8 months.

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