Precious Pine Cone Elves Are Made With Felt And Imagination!

Why buy a toy elf when you can make one? Or two…or ten! These adorable little creations are easy to make and fun to display (or hide in your tree!) in places that most guests wouldn’t look at first. Hide them around the mantelpiece or in between presents – maybe even outside! Once you see how easy they are to make, you won’t be able to help yourself!

The method is simple. Using a needle and thread, sew pieces of felt together. For the mittens, use matching thread and a tight whipstitch to keep them together. Use the same method for the shoes, but pull the ends together with a single piece of thread to create the puffed appearance.For their heads, she used wooden beads attached with hot glue. The accessories are attached with brown pipe cleaners and glued into upside-down pine cones! Hide them, display them, or give them away as cute little gifts! These elves were made with minitaure bells on their hats, but if you can’t find bells small enough, little pom poms will work, too! What do you think of this Christmas craft? Santa’s little helpers have never been so adorable! You can find more details on this project here!

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