“Pre-K Prom” Is Exactly As Adorable As It Sounds!!

People are starting to put new spins on old traditions, and many are loving the ideas that are springing up left and right. For a lot of excited 3 and 4-year-old kids, their prom dreams came true…about 15 years early! These kids aren’t even 5, but they are dressed to the nines! Their parents are absolutely loving it, and they are sharing their adorable pictures online for the world to see.6.24a2Now, high-schoolers aren’t the only ones celebrating big moments in their lives. These pre-k kiddos are excited to mark the special occasion of starting their kindergarten careers with elaborate gowns and costumes, and their parents are having fun making sure they have the best fun.6.24a3Some kids went in themed outfits, and some decided to just wear their favorite shirt. No kid’s dream was too big or too small! Horse-drawn carriages, nice cars, or simply a sheriff and cowgirl, the kids had a blast.6.24a4Many people are criticizing the event, saying that the kids should focus on being kids rather than dressing to impress. Fans of the tradition counter: “what’s more “childish” than a huge party?”

…But seriously, how adorable are the pre-k prom king and queen? Too cute!6.25a4Whether or not you agree with the new, and admittedly over-the-top tradition, you CAN agree that these kids are downright precious! They all look so happy to be there, and I’m sure it was an afternoon to remember!

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