Pranksters Put A Pair Of Glasses On The Ground At An Art Gallery, And This Is What Happened Next!

SFMOMA got a little more “artistic” when this teenage prankster decided to see what would happen if he put a regular pair of glasses on the floor of the art show. He was attending with some friends and was impressed by a lot of the artwork. Several paintings were incredible, and many of the pieces stood out as meaningful and made important statements about the world that we live in.

But one piece was utterly confusing and frankly…underwhelming.

A stuffed animal was displayed sitting on a gray blanket. It was impressing the people around him, but truthfully, they didn’t get the point. It was at that moment, when people were snapping pictures and commenting on how ‘inspiring’ they thought the exhibit was, that he decided to see if they would think¬†anything¬†was ‘inspiring.’

He took his reading glasses out of his bag and set them on the floor.Almost instantly, people stopped and stared at the glasses, misreading a plaque nearby and assuming it was all a part of the scene. They contemplated what it meant, and took it very seriously.People started taking pictures of the glasses, and the kid took pictures of the people who were taking deeper meaning from his “art.” While it was a humorous display, they realized that it wasn’t just about what people were looking it, but that it was the meaning they could draw from the pieces on display.“Art” means different things to different people. People took a deeper meaning from the glasses, and that in itself was an exhibit worth looking at. It’s also really, really funny.

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