Powerful Message From Heroin Addict To Medical Team That Saved His Life Will Leave You In Tears

Drug addicts don’t become addicts overnight. The process can take years, and the physical, mental, and emotional tolls are horrible side effects to these debilitating addictions. But that isn’t the point of this letter. Overcoming an addiction takes an astounding amount of willpower, medical assistance, and for many, they have to hit “rock bottom” before they can start to climb their way out. One man’s “rock bottom” was the night that he overdosed and nearly died…but he was saved when bystanders noticed that he needed help.

When he finally had his life back on track, he wrote this letter and hoped that the original EMT team would read it. They needed to know how very grateful he was for everything that they did.
9-16a3The severity of this case might not be immediately apparent, but when the letter says that the team did an “IO,” it means that they were unable to administer an IV or injections that would save his life. It means “intra-osseous” access, where the team had to drill directly into his bone marrow to administer the life-savings drugs and fluids.

The bravery and persistence of this team saved his life, and he knows it. The letter is bringing hundreds of thousands of people to tears because it is just so real. While he was unable to remember everything that happened that night, he does remember the kindness in those brief moments where the team didn’t judge him – they only wanted to save his life.

He was able to fight his addiction and look back 1 year later to thank them for everything that they did.


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