Potential Robbers Butt-Dial 911 During Robbery Discussion…Steps Away From Police Chief!

“Butt-dialing,” or pocket-dialing, isn’t as common as it used to be, simply because most smartphones have fingerprints and pass codes that need to be entered before a phone will turn on, but it still happens. When your phone is on in your pocket or purse, sometimes the phone will call the last person dialed on accident! In this case, the potential-robber’s phone must have somehow activated the emergency mode and contacted 911’s emergency services on its own.

While hanging out in their car, Robert Bourne and David Grigsby were sitting in the parking lot of Brothers BBQ and Brewing discussing how best to rob the place. They were intoxicated, and one of their phones called 911 on accident.

Emergency personnel were listening to the conversation and immediately contacted nearby police officers.

As it happened, Police Chief Tony Gray was dining inside of the restaurant while the conversation was taking place. 911 tracked the call using GPS and found that the car was in the parking lot.

The men were charged with public intoxication, and since they hadn’t actually attempted to rob the restaurant, hadn’t been charged with anything else. Whether the men were just speculating on how they¬†might¬†rob the restaurant in a hypothetical situation, or whether they were planning to go through with it remains to be seen. Officials plan to investigate the recording and get to the bottom of everything.


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