Postal Workers Are REFUSING To Service This Mail Box For The BEST Reason

The postal service in Ireland has taken it upon themselves to refuse service to this specific mail box, and they decided to post a notice for anyone who was wondering why. Above all else, they didn’t want to be responsible for an entire family being moved out of their home.


The family in question is believed to be a family of sparrows!

Others have said that they wouldn’t mind uprooting the budding family if it meant getting their mail, but the postal workers just didn’t have it in them. Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time its ever happened.

A representative from the postal service explained:


We let nature take its course. It happens from time to time. Once the birds are gone, the post box resumes its duties.”

In the end, people were glad to see the that the government cared about all of their subjects – even the birds!

Soon, the birds will finish growing and move out – but until then, the local postal workers will be skipping this particular box!

Some say that the workers should simply have the birds removed by a volunteer animal service, but others have argued that its only one box – what’s the harm? Where do you stand on this issue?

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