Popular Restaurant Staffed By Servers With Dementia – You Never Know What They’ll Bring You!

The Restaurant of Order Mistakes is probably the only dining room where the staff prides themselves in getting their orders mixed up. The owners wanted to spotlight the realities of brain diseases in a way that could also bring their community together. They decided to staff the floor with servers suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The servers take down their customer’s orders, but customers can’t be guaranteed that the items that arrive at their table will be what they expect.The restaurant hopes to change the public’s perception towards people living with dementia patients, proving that with the right atmosphere and understanding, people suffering from all sorts of disabilities can still be functioning members of society.

Visitors to the restaurant reported that ordering one thing but receiving another was met with amusement instead of anger. The wait staff were happy to be working and interacting with others. They enjoyed having a purpose and were happy to be of help.

Even when they made mistakes, they were trying their best to succeed. The pop-up restaurant was only open for a few days, but people were eager to attend. It was so successful, organizers are planning several more events to help spread awareness for Alzheimer’s and dementia.

There has been criticism for the event, pointing out that laughing when someone got their order wrong put a negative spotlight on the server’s inability to remember things. What do you think of events like this?

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