Politician Supports Gay Rights And Receives Hate Comment From Child. What He Does In Retaliation Is GOLD!

After receiving an outrageously offensive slur on his public Facebook page, a politician from Pennsylvania decided to get personal with the person who left the comment. Really personal.

Brian Sims is an openly gay politician representing Philadelphia’s 182nd District, which makes him a target to people who still think they can judge other people who are different from them. One such person, known only as “David” thanks to some quick-editing by the politician to prevent a witch-hunt, is now in big trouble with his grandmother.Instead of engaging the kid and trying to explain why such words were hateful and uncalled for, Sims went right over the kid’s head and decided to call his grandmother instead!

The internet fell in love with the move. It highlights a large problem with users on the internet who often express hurtful opinions simply to get a rise out of someone, relying on anonymity to let them get away with it. They usually do, but David wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed and must have forgotten that his Facebook profile was public! Oops!

Grandma will probably give him a lesson in being polite and respecting others – even if they make different choices in life – and maybe David will learn how to be a better human being.

We’ll see!

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