Police Officers Take Over Daycare When Provider Has Medical Emergency

Three officers were called to a home daycare when the provider (unnamed) had to be rushed to the hospital for a medical emergency. It was the middle of the day and four children were currently being watched. When the ambulance rushed away, the officers found themselves in a peculiar situation!

They got to work, contacting the parents and informing them of what had happened, asking them to come and pick the children up. Until the parents arrived, though…they just had to wait! 11-14a16

For two hours, the officers began to play with balloons, sing fun songs, making play-doh french fries, and most importantly, making sure the four toddlers were safe and looked after in the wake of the emergency.

It could have been a very scary situation, but the officers were extra careful not to scare the children while they handled the unexpected circumstance. They explained everything to the parents, who in turn weren’t nervous while their children were being watched by the police.

They did an amazing job while we drove to pick him up,” said the mother of a toddler being watched at the daycare. “Such a positive experience for them. Police made a potentially scary situation for the kids fun!”

The provider was rushed to the hospital as a precaution, but was glad that the officers were there to oversee the safety and well-being of the children.


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