Police Officer Does Something Crazy When He Gets Hit With A Snow Ball

Throw a chilly snowball to a police officer and what do you get? A snowball fight! Well at least this is what happened in Raleigh, North Carolina. A couple of the town’s finest went down to Lion’s Park and got into a fun-filled throw down with the kids. Watch how they become big targets in this very funny clip.

As if that wasn’t enough, the officers even jumped on the sleds and raced downhill with some children. The feeling of cold wind blowing in your face is simply breathtaking. Who knew that they can still have fun in spite of their tough duties?

These police officers visited the park to make sure the kids are safe. What they’ve experienced when they got there is more fun than they’ve imagined. This shows that police officers are still approachable and friendly, in spite of the fearful reputation they are associated by most people.

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