Police Needed K9s, So They Adopted Pit Bulls From A Local Shelter Instead!

A trained Belgian or German Shepherd can be purchased by a police department for $10,000 to $25,000, and that is an expense that many departments just can’t afford. So, police began searching elsewhere. While pit bulls are largely feared by the general public, police departments have realized that they can adopt, train, and utilize these fierce and protective dogs for a lot less.11-14a10

The departments are proving the pit bulls aren’t as vicious if they have been correctly trained. With the care, love, and attention that they get from the K9 training programs, pit bulls are helping to change the public’s perspective.

During their training, adopted pit bulls learn to sense narcotics, explosives, cadavers, arson detection, and even learn how to correctly apprehend a criminal!

Any dog that has the drive, confidence, and desire to work can do it! Breed does not dictate a dog’s ability to work.” Says Brad Croft founder of Universal K9, a training program.

Surprisingly, the most difficult aspect of training an adopted pit bull is getting the dogs to become aggressive towards police! The breed is warming the hearts of precincts around the country, and these pit bulls are getting a second chance at life.

Many of the dogs adopted by police departments would have otherwise been euthanized. Giving them a job and a new way to live has revitalized many of them…and allowed police departments to use their savings for more a single trained K9!


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