Police Cook Hot Meal For Elderly Couple After Neighbors Reported Screaming And Crying From Their Flat.

Someone called the cops on their neighbors, and the officers who responded thought that they would be walking into a domestic dispute. When they knocked on the door, they were shocked.

An 89-year-old woman, Jole, was crying along with her 94-year-old husband, Michele. They weren’t screaming at each other…they were screaming at their television.

They explained to the officers that they had been watching the news when Jole asked her husband why there was so much hatred in the world. She had become hysterical in her despair, and Michele hadn’t been able to stop his own tears from flowing. They had gotten so loud, the neighbors thought that the couple was in trouble.

They had been married for 70 years, but they didn’t have family or friends to visit them. Their days consisted of watching television and keeping each other company.

The officers called for an ambulance to check on the couple, but noticed that there was only a bowl of old grapes on the table, and no leftovers in the fridge. One officer stood up and decided to cook some pasta while the other three sat down and visited with the couple.8.8a2

The two shared a meal and felt a little less lonely, and their story went viral as soon as people began to hear about it.

It reminds us to pay attention to the elderly who live in our communities. Check in on them now and again, bring them a hot meal, or just wave “good morning” on your way to work. You never know what kind of a difference your actions might make.

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