“Please Watch The Baby!” Mom Comes Home To Find THIS In The Kitchen!

Claudia needed to run to the store. She knew it would only take a few minutes and trying to take a baby with her for one quick errand would have been a lot of extra effort! Her niece was home, so she decided to leave her baby daughter in the young woman’s capable hands.

A few minutes later, mom receives a text with this hilarious image.

J’Ann wanted to make a sandwich but didn’t want to let baby Ava out of her sight.”

Claudia burst into laughter!Out of necessity comes creativity, and parents everywhere are impressed at the resourcefulness! That baby wasn’t going to get into any mischief while J’Ann made her sandwich, that was for sure!Strapped snugly into the waistband, the baby stayed put for a few minutes – no one would have to guess at where she had gone!

Parents across the internet decided to try out the method with their own babies. Others wish they would have thought of this years ago!

It would have helped during those shopping trips!” One mother exclaims.

Some people thought she should have patented the idea before posting it online! Do you think we’ll see some baby-wearing pants in the near future? Too cute!

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