Please Don’t Let This Be A New Trend…Break Up Photos?!

There’s a reason that people usually break up in private, but this couple is breaking the mold by doing something a bit strange. Breaking up means learning more about yourself as a person and what you want out of life, trying to move on, and deciding what is the best thing for your future…but holding a photo shoot to document it? Well, that’s something new entirely.

This couple decided to relive the pain by documenting their breakup with some somber photographs at the edge of the woods in front of a neighborhood. While they do look sad (understandable), many people were quick to point out that they looked more like they were trying to act instead of dealing with their emotions.

They took some awkward pictures, and people aren’t sure what this one meant. “Was she pregnant? Why?” One commenter asked.
Most people just chalked it up to the dreary weather, but a few thought that the couple may have planned it out on purpose. This particular picture looks like it could have come straight out of an emotional Indie film. I’d watch it…

But once the pictures went viral, the truth came out when the guy from the photographs, Harison Bach, spoke out.The idea was all his, and she went along with it. According to him, they had been broken up for over a year but still saw each other frequently because their parents were close friends. They still had some things to work out, and a quirky photo session seemed like a way to ease some of the tension.

Hey, if it helped them move on, maybe it’s not such a crazy idea after all.

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