Playboy Model Who Shamed A Naked Gym-Goer In The SHOWER Is Fired And Banned From The Industry!

When you go to the gym, obviously you expect a bit of privacy when it comes to people blatantly taking photos of you in the shower. Right? Seriously, who does that? Apparently, former Playboy Playmate Dani Mathers and her terrible judgement. One Thursday, she was sitting in the sauna at her gym when she spotted a woman preparing to take a shower. She was not impressed with the woman’s body and took it upon herself to take a picture and share it with her fans on Snapchat along with her grossed-out reaction.7.18a11

What did she think would happen? Not what actually happened, we can guarantee that.

Her fans were disgusted at her behavior and the backlash was instant. Women were appalled and the Snap Story went viral. When Mathers realized that people were not, in fact, sharing her joy at catching an unawares woman naked at the gym, she deleted the story and tried to say it was “an accident” and only meant to send the snap to one person.

The internet didn’t buy it, and Mathers began deleting every social media account that she had ever made.

The gym revoked her membership and banned her from ever returning due to violating their privacy policies. She was fired from her job for violating code of conduct policies, and her contract was cancelled for a regular spot on a television show. Basically, her career is over because she decided that taking a picture of a naked woman was “funny.”

She sure learned her lesson…because the LAPD are now investigating her actions! What do YOU think about her actions?

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