Pizza ATMs Are The Future. Are You Ready?! I Can’t Wait To Try One!

Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio is making headlines with the United States’ first ever pizza ATM! They are really excited about the machine, and are sharing their hot, delicious pizzas with the world. The machine has been around for 14 years in France, but this one is the very first to hit the U.S. People are wondering why it took so long!8.15a3

The machine can make up to 70 fresh pizzas per day and is turned on 24 hours a day – perfect for students studying at all hours of the night! The pizzas cost $9 for a 12-inch pizza, cheaper than many pizzas in the area. The pizzas are cooked quickly and are ready in just 3 minutes!8.15a4

At the moment, the only options are a cheese pizza, a pepperoni pizza, and a veggie pizza…but the company says that these options might change in the future as they track which pizza options are the most possible.

Paline, the company that makes the pizza ATMs will bring one to your area…for a whopping $55,000! The students and professors (and visitors who want to try the pizza ATM probably) report that the pizzas made in the machine are just as delicious as a pizza ordered in from a local pizzaria. And for the price, you can’t beat it!8.15a5

Would you travel all the way to Ohio to try this futuristic pie, or will you just wait for one to pop up in your area?

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