Pitbull Pardoned From Death Row After Being Confined Without Exercise For 2 Years!

In May of 2014, the police in the UK apprehended Stella, a large pitbull, in a raid where they also found a cannabis-growing operation. The police took her into custody and a judge ordered that she would be put to sleep. However, it didn’t happen right away, and the public discovered that the dog had been forced to live in a small cage of 3 feet by 9 feet without exercise for 2 years. They were outraged at how this ordeal was handled, and one woman decided to put a stop to it, pleading for the dog’s life.

For two weeks, Caroline Pharoah had taken the dog to run free near some stables, monitoring her behavior and relationship with other animals. The only real problem was when Stella came into contact with aggressive or loud dogs, she would become defensive, possibly due to how she had been raised. Caroline was always able to calm her down in these instances.7.20a12

If Stella came into contact with peaceful, playful dogs, she behaved normally. After hearing Caroline’s evidence, a judge overturned the order of execution and allowed her to go through the necessary steps to keep a dog of a dangerous breed in her home. She would have to muzzle the dog in public and keep the dog on a leash when around other animals, but Caroline says that these are much more agreeable terms than seeing the poor dog killed after being stuck in such horrible conditions by the police.

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