“Pimple Cake” Hurts To Look At But Apparently Tastes Delicious! Would YOU Try This Hilarious Monstrosity?!

A bakery from Malaysia is grossing people out with this wildly popular “pimple cake,” and people seriously can’t get enough of it! We’ve seen “pimple cupcakes” before, but for some reason, this cake was an overnight sensation. We don’t get it, but maybe you will!

The cake is just a regular yellow or pale cake…but pockets of red and brown icing can be “squeezed” out of the fondant that covers the top of the cake. Sure, it probably tastes good, but it looks horrific! A video of the cake has already passed the 5 million view mark, but it’s just too gross. The bakery, thanks to the viral pictures, has already sold dozens of the these cakes.  The phenomenon of watching pimples being popped has increased dramatically in recent years (mostly thanks to YouTube) and these pastries are no exception. Being able to “pick” at a cake is just as strange as it sounds, but even though people are a little disgusted, it doesn’t stop them from eating it afterwards.

Would YOU order one of these cakes?!

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