Pictures From Arizona’s Heatwave Are So Outrageous, They Look Fake

People living in Phoenix, Arizona are having a hard time living their day to day lives. The sun has been ruthless over the summer, and it’s getting to a point where things are starting to melt just by being outside for longer than a few minutes. Temperatures have soared, making it dangerous to be outdoors for too long.

Even the reflective coating on street signs are melting off!The city predicts that temperatures will rise above 120 degrees Fahrenheit, which is starting to make a lot of people nervous. The concrete and asphalt magnifies the heat, often making it possible to cook food outdoors without a grill.
Pet owners have resorted to giving their animals little boots to protect their paws, and people are leaving out bowls of water for stray animals suffering from the heat.

Officials plan to plant more trees and look into ways to help buildings stay cooler with coatings that can be applied to roofing.

The heat has also begun to effect electronics, making planes unable to function properly, delaying and even canceling flights.Even plastic garbage bins are being affected by the heat. Now THAT is hot.Newer cars have more and more plastic attached to the siding and surrounding the bumpers. In some cases, tires may even suffer from the heat!But it isn’t all bad. If your car has to reach unlivable temperatures, you may as well come back from your errands to some freshly baked cookies!Eek.

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