Photography Studio Edited Her Son’s Smile For The WEIRDEST Reason! She Can’t Believe It.

Mom and blogger, Angela Pickett, was excited to see how her children’s school pictures had turned out, but as soon as she opened the envelope, she was confused…and a bit shocked! She’d been expecting to see her son’s trademarked toothy-grin, affectionately named “Gappy McGapster” by her son himself, but instead was staring at a heavily edited photograph of her son with last year’s smile edited on!

I didn’t realize he still had teeth when the photos were taken…but then I looked closer. Nope. His mouth had been photoshopped with what looked like last year’s baby teeth swapped in.” She wrote.

She wasn’t angry, though. She was confused.

This wasn’t touching up the light on a sunset or brightening up the group shot to see everyone better. This is a kid who didn’t lose a tooth until he was almost seven. He’s not embarrassed by the gaps and wonky teeth, he’s excited because lost tooth = gold coin. He doesn’t notice the crooked new teeth because he’s a kid and he is more interested in basketball, hockey, Netflix or finishing his collection of Marvel disks — and what he can eat next.”

She contacted the school who in turn put her in touch with the studio. They had a conversation and Pickett learned that the staff were extremely busy trying to “fix” kids. They were often admonished by parents for not “fixing” messy hair, bruises, cuts, or even stains on clothing.

When the photograph of her son came up, the editor wanted to avoid any future confrontations with an angry parents and admits to making an error of judgment.

Mom wasn’t mad, and felt bad that parents were expecting “altered memories,” wanting to erase wrinkled shirts or enhance their child’s skin.

Sharing photos should be about sharing authentic memories – even if they are a bit messy and wrinkled!” She concluded.

Would you want your child’s photo altered?

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