Photographer Captures Magical Moments With His 100-Pound Goldendoodle. LOVE!

Chris Cline has a fantastical hobby that started off as a joke – he used his photo editing software to create a picture of himself riding his dog, Juji, through a field! He didn’t expect his friends and family to fall in love with the picture…and so he created more!

The 3-year-old Goldendoodle weighs 100 pounds, so he’s already a very large dog, but the clever edits make their relationship seem right out of a fairy tale. 

Our story started a little over two years ago when my girlfriend and I moved out to the countryside in Buffalo, Minnesota. The temperatures here during winter can plummet to -40°F, so having an indoor hobby is a must. I began to play with photoshop a lot just to take up some time. At first it was just random things and then one day I created a photo of me riding on Jujis back and I posted it on my Facebook and Instagram pages and people just loved it. Soon after that I made the decision to make these accounts “ALL JUJI…ALL THE TIME”. He wrote.

He takes everyday photos and activities and transforms them into spectacular pictures that tell a simple story – just a man and his dog…his very, very, VERY large dog!At first glance, people can’t always tell that the images aren’t real and ask how he found such a large dog! (And want to know how much they have to feed him!)

Before all of this, he and I were just a boy and his dog, but now it’s different. He’s not just my dog… he’s my business partner, my buddy and my best friend. I truly can’t imagine a world that doesn’t include him in it.​” He says.

His “indoor hobby” was turned into a business, and he couldn’t be happier!

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