Photographer Captures Heartbroken Mother When Her Child Collapses. 2 Minutes Later? WOW.

After photographer Avinash Lodhi snapped this picture, he says that he was unable to speak for an entire hour. In Jabalpur, India, he was taking photographs of the things around him when he captured this stunning image. He often takes incredible photos for National Geographic, and this time, he found something that is shocking hundreds of thousands of people. A mother monkey witnessed her child collapse and fall unconscious. She gripped him in her small arms and wailed in anguish at the loss, unable to help her baby.

Lodhi stood by, watching to see what would unfold, but was relieved when just a few minutes later, the small monkey regained consciousness and seemed to be perfectly fine. He made a miraculous recovery, much to the relief of his mother, and the story had a happy ending.
But being able to capture this incredibly rare moment on camera was something that Lodhi will never forget.

This moment is rare, especially with animals.” He said.

So many people were able to relate to this mother monkey’s grief, and some emotions are so powerful, they appear to transcend even a species. While he hasn’t revealed any further pictures from the session, this one image speaks volumes.

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