Photo Of Utility Worker Halfway Underwater Goes Viral, Woman Overwhelmed By Responses!

Andrea Adams was in a panic. A pipe had burst in her front yard and water was quickly flooding the lawn, the driveway, and rushing into the street. She called the city to send someone to fix it, but didn’t know that the aftermath would be more outrageous than the actual problem.

Jimmie Cox, 23, was just looking to put in some overtime. He responded to the call for a little extra cash and thought nothing of what he needed to do next. Her home was being flooded with water, and she was frantically walking in and around her home.

A 1-inch pipe had burst roughly 5 feet underground. At first, he tried to stop up the leak, but it wasn’t working. Instead, he and his team needed to cut the pipe and attach a valve to get the leak under control.

When Andrea walked back outside, she saw Cox submerged to the waist trying to stop the leak. She took a quick picture and posted it on Facebook…but within hours, her photo had gone viral and people from around the world were flooding her with messages and questions and requests to use the picture…she had so many messages and emails that she had to shut down her social media accounts! It was too much for her to handle on her own.

And the host of Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe, got in on it, too! He couldn’t find the original post but offered to buy the guy a beer!8.29a1Wrangler noticed that Cox was wearing a pair of their jeans and offered to buy him some new ones! They offered to toss in a few shirts, too!8.29a2And Cox? He thought it was “just another day at the office.”

Employee of the month, we say!


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