Photo Lab Employees FIRED After Sharing Couple’s Pregnancy Announcement Photo

Jordan Areaux and her boyfriend, Masyn Lehl, had big news to share with their friends and family and decided that the best way to reveal the secret was with a photo shoot!

They got dressed up in matching plaid outfits and wrote a simple pregnancy announcement:

Dear Santa

July 2017″

They would wrap the pictures and hand them out at Christmas to reveal that they were expecting their first child!This was an especially important announcement. Not only were they welcoming the family’s first grandchild, Jordan’s grandmother was battling cancer. The surprise was meant to bring excitement and hope to the family’s Christmas celebrations. They took their photos to be printed at the photo lab in their local grocery store, but the couple couldn’t have predicted the viciousness of the photo lab’s employees.

Two of the employees were former high school students who went to school with Jordan. When they realized that her photos were pregnancy announcements, they took the pictures and sent them to their own friends with a nasty message.


The sarcastic message circulated around the small town quickly, and before long, the secret was out long before the holidays.

I think the girls were trying to start drama and be mean.” Jordan said.

The company took the incident very seriously.

The team members involved in the incident no longer work for Meijer,” the company said. “We followed our standard protocol and once we received the complaint we immediately started an investigation. All photo department team members are required to adhere to a strict confidentiality policy.”

The girls may have thought they were being funny, but they may face criminal charges and civil suits, citing invasion of privacy and even defamation. What do you think about what these girls did?

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