Pets That Wish Their Owners Didn’t Take St. Patrick’s Day So Seriously

It’s no secret some pet owners go a bit over the top. Since St Patty’s day is coming up we decided to find the best dressed pets ready for this holiday.

These pet owners decided to go all out. This means not only them dressing up but their animals as well. Whether their pet is in green…or wearing a beard it’s simply adorable. It’s not hard to tell that some of these owners went a bit too far, but still you can’t help laughing at some of these pet pictures.

120316-202206-120308_652081_barkleystpatty2_ug.blocks_desktop_large1. How abut a green mohawk?

69d0e33c11be03d43265657f8f4981df2. If humans can wear it, why not pugs?

8a01822deee18200cde3b541b8b02e193. I’m not sure how they got this cat to cooperate.

db761ffdd2ea799a3625a120a1cb8f5b4. “Sadly…orange isn’t my color”

b130f3b95633febf02949557e1f3357f5. Not sure if this pup is wearing enough green.

c2b5f3f5ef3dd19b6ec5d2243edb6a286. At least this dressed up dog found the gold!

c7ad8b4b5c1ccf933bbaa6cd8049e7837. Beer glasses on a dog…priceless.

buddy-the-elf8. Picture how this dog looks walking..LOL!

st-patricks-day-angry-cat9. There’s no denying…this cat isn’t thrilled about green.

0b9b0356ee682250dbe7ae61afbd3d8110. Does is get more crazy than this costume?


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