Pet Owners Warn Others That This SUPER Common Item Should NEVER Be Left Out!

When Christine’s boyfriend came home from work one day, he noticed that the house seemed a little quieter than normal…but he assumed that their dog, Petey was probably just taking a nap. Usually, their rambunctious pup would greet them at the door, but today was different. A horrible thing had happened while the pair had been at work, and they vowed to share their story if it meant others could learn from their mistake.

Their dog, Petey had gotten a hold of a discarded bag of chips and suffocated to death.

They had left the bag of chips on the kitchen counter, and Petey had gotten them down. He was munching and chewing, enjoying the snack without realizing what has happening every time he inhaled. The bag got stuck, and tragically, Petey hadn’t been able to get it back off. 

They were devastated and heartbroken…but they didn’t want his sacrifice to be in vain. They vowed to tell as many people as possible about what had happened to their beloved dog. If it helped others avoid the same tragedy, it would be worth it to share their pain.

They were shocked to hear from other dog parents that had gone through the same thing! Always cut your bags open before tossing them. You never know when it might save a life.

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